In Today’s E-World, Print Marketing Is Still Crucial

In this day and age, you can tack just about any word onto the end of the letter “e.” For instance, you have email, ecommerce, e-marketing and e-mc2, to name a few examples.


Well, maybe not the last one, but you get the drift. It doesn’t take an Einstein to understand that the internet dominates business.


But let’s go back to e-marketing. As a business owner, you know how important it is to market yourself online—there’s no argument there—but does that mean print marketing is now obsolete? Far from it, actually.


If it was, for example, there’d probably be an app for virtual business cards (million-dollar idea?), but the fact of the matter is, traditional printed cards are as useful as ever. Moreover, the value of printed materials to enhance and promote your business doesn’t end with those 3.5 by 2 pieces of cardstock.


Here’s why print marketing is still critical:



Arguably the most important “e” word of all is engagement. Printed materials allow your message to be delivered in an engaging fashion, and that translates into your potential clients and customers spending more time looking at what you have to say.



There’s no trash can icon to click when a printed material is in the hands of a potential customer. Sure, that person can physically throw it away, but chances are they’re going to glance it over before they do. Physical items are inherently valuable in that regard, because if the potential customers have a chance to see what you’re marketing, there’s a greater potential for them to want to utilize your services. The caveat is, you HAVE to make sure it’s presented sensibly and in an aesthetically pleasing way.


Hone in on Your Target Audience

Email blasts sound great, but they can be a crapshoot in that you might be marketing toward a completely irrelevant audience. Print marketing campaigns are easier to gear toward the right eyes.


Hard Stats About Physical, Printed Materials

  • 15% of all media advertising is deployed through printed materials in the United States.
  • People still redeem printed coupons—to the tune of nearly 3 billion instances per year in America.
  • Almost 80% of American households still read direct-mail advertisements.
  • In terms of email marketing, unsubscribe rates are high, and tend to peak during the summer months. It is not possible to unsubscribe from printed materials.
  • Millennials appreciate print too! Americans ages 24 and younger are extremely responsive to direct mail.


Prints are Personable

Remember vinyl LPs? Their advantage over mp3s are all the tangible bells and whistles that come along with buying a record. You have album art, liner notes, lyrics and even a poster if you’re lucky. All of those things make them seem more personable. Much the same can be said about print marketing. Having a physical material just feels less cold than an email. And that warm and fuzzy feeling—subconscious as it may be—will translate to the customer’s overall perception of your company.


But Don’t Ignore the Internet’s Value!

Integrating your print marketing campaign with the virtual world is a smart idea. Between QR codes and the like, you can easily direct consumers to your website for ecommerce or social media to further keep up to date.


From business cards to large format printing for your Philadelphia area company, you can depend on Tiger Printing to produce strikingly sleek materials for your marketing campaign. Inquire today to learn more.



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