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Go Green

Tiger Printing Group is committed to being an environmentally responsible company.

Embracing New Printing Plate Technology

We are proud to announce that we've completed our conversion to processor-less printing plate technology.   The conversion has eliminated the processing step of making plates,  the usage of chemicals and the consumption of water.

Thinking Green


  • 100 % of our paper waste and cardboard is recycled, including office papers.
  • 100 % of our printing plate aluminum is recycled, including cans.
  • Our shipping departments coordinate deliveries to minimize unnecessary trips.
  • We utilize electronic file transfer (FTP) and PDF proofs via e-mail whenever possible.
  • We utilize the latest in CTP (Computer to Plate) technology.  In 2019 we adopted processor less plate technology which eliminated the plate processor and the usage of water in the plate making process.
  • Our Mitsubishi press has Baldwin Global Impact Blanket Washers, which has cut our press wash usage more than 50%. The IMPACT system uses Baldwin PREPAC blanket rolls, which are pre-soaked in precisely defined quantities of an extremely low-VOC cleaning agent. Compared to other blanket cleaning systems on the market the Baldwin IMPACT equipment uses much lower quantities of detergent.
  • CIP3 technology in the pressroom has increased press make ready productivity and reduced paper waste.
  • Our waste ink and solvents are recycled when possible.
  • We offer soy-based inks and aqueous base coatings.
  • We utilize low VOC products for our press washes.

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