Bullseye Your Targets with EDDM + Tiger Printing

We all know that marketing is about delivering a message, and when you think about that phrase literally, who delivers more messages than the U.S. Postal Service? Of course, the answer is nobody. Now, you can reap the benefits of the Post Office’s unsurpassed access to the public eye with Every Door Direct Mail.

EDDM allows small businesses to reach local customers without having to purchase mail lists or mail house services. But what does a commercial printing company from Greater Philadelphia, PA have to do with the logistics of mailing marketing? Good question.

Simply put, The Post Office will help you put together a delivery campaign, and we’ll give those pieces the professional look they need to lock in conversions. Read on to learn more about what we mean:


Every Door Direct Mail is a program that the U.S. Postal Service offers to business owners, allowing them to hone in on who they’re targeting from a geographic standpoint. For less than the price of a stamp (per piece sent), the USPS will deliver your marketing materials to homes on mail routes of your choosing.

You can log onto their site, and look at an interactive map, which allows you to find and pick specific mail routes. Once you find one of interest, you can narrow in on the demographic details about the homes or businesses on that route, and from there, decide if you want to deliver your materials to those people.

Visit our site or the post office’s site to learn more.

Tiger Printing

So you have a great message and an effective means of delivering it, but there’s one more important consideration to make: the visuals. The fact of the matter is, there’s a lot of print marketing out there, and having a stake in the game is certainly effective, but it’s crucial that your visuals stick out and dominate over the rest of the noise.

That’s where employing the expertise of a quality printing solutions provider comes in. Here at Tiger, we use the industry’s most advanced equipment to make our clients’ messages look as good as the services they advertise.

Keep in mind, presses and large format printers are not one in the same. A piece of print marketing that is created via a desktop, big box store or local shipping store’s copier vs. one of our digital, offset or large format printing machines will prove an undeniable difference in quality. Not to mention, our printers combined with the other services, materials and add-ons we have to offer will equal your message sticking out and leaving a positive impression upon the eyes of its beholders. Touch base with us today to get squared away with a EDDM marketing campaign, powered by Tiger Printing Group.

In Today’s E-World, Print Marketing Is Still Crucial

In this day and age, you can tack just about any word onto the end of the letter “e.” For instance, you have email, ecommerce, e-marketing and e-mc2, to name a few examples.


Well, maybe not the last one, but you get the drift. It doesn’t take an Einstein to understand that the internet dominates business.


But let’s go back to e-marketing. As a business owner, you know how important it is to market yourself online—there’s no argument there—but does that mean print marketing is now obsolete? Far from it, actually.


If it was, for example, there’d probably be an app for virtual business cards (million-dollar idea?), but the fact of the matter is, traditional printed cards are as useful as ever. Moreover, the value of printed materials to enhance and promote your business doesn’t end with those 3.5 by 2 pieces of cardstock.


Here’s why print marketing is still critical:



Arguably the most important “e” word of all is engagement. Printed materials allow your message to be delivered in an engaging fashion, and that translates into your potential clients and customers spending more time looking at what you have to say.



There’s no trash can icon to click when a printed material is in the hands of a potential customer. Sure, that person can physically throw it away, but chances are they’re going to glance it over before they do. Physical items are inherently valuable in that regard, because if the potential customers have a chance to see what you’re marketing, there’s a greater potential for them to want to utilize your services. The caveat is, you HAVE to make sure it’s presented sensibly and in an aesthetically pleasing way.


Hone in on Your Target Audience

Email blasts sound great, but they can be a crapshoot in that you might be marketing toward a completely irrelevant audience. Print marketing campaigns are easier to gear toward the right eyes.


Hard Stats About Physical, Printed Materials

  • 15% of all media advertising is deployed through printed materials in the United States.
  • People still redeem printed coupons—to the tune of nearly 3 billion instances per year in America.
  • Almost 80% of American households still read direct-mail advertisements.
  • In terms of email marketing, unsubscribe rates are high, and tend to peak during the summer months. It is not possible to unsubscribe from printed materials.
  • Millennials appreciate print too! Americans ages 24 and younger are extremely responsive to direct mail.


Prints are Personable

Remember vinyl LPs? Their advantage over mp3s are all the tangible bells and whistles that come along with buying a record. You have album art, liner notes, lyrics and even a poster if you’re lucky. All of those things make them seem more personable. Much the same can be said about print marketing. Having a physical material just feels less cold than an email. And that warm and fuzzy feeling—subconscious as it may be—will translate to the customer’s overall perception of your company.


But Don’t Ignore the Internet’s Value!

Integrating your print marketing campaign with the virtual world is a smart idea. Between QR codes and the like, you can easily direct consumers to your website for ecommerce or social media to further keep up to date.


From business cards to large format printing for your Philadelphia area company, you can depend on Tiger Printing to produce strikingly sleek materials for your marketing campaign. Inquire today to learn more.



The Digital Side of Offset Printing

Despite the societal shift into all things digital, offset printing still reigns when it comes to large-scale, high quality jobs. The devices themselves haven’t changed much over the past few decades, but the advent of digital pre and post press technologies aid and enhance the process as a whole.


The digital vs. offset printing argument is a hot topic in the industry, but that discussion is muted as far as we’re concerned here at Tiger Printing Group. Pitting them against one another doesn’t make sense, because it’s not a matter of which is better. Both types of printing are useful for their own respective functions, and since we provide a multitude of services that require both techniques, we’re more focused on how they can be used in conjunction together, and how we can implement digital advantages into the offset process as a whole.
In other words, as far as offset printing goes, when it comes time to run the machine, the process is no different than it was 20 or 30 years ago. However, the accoutrements which aid in the efficient running of the press itself are vastly updated and digitized in the contemporary printing operation.


For one, all of the prepress work is now digital.


When it comes to short editions, a digital press is your best bet. So if you only need 250 copies of a brochure printed, we’ll use our Kodak NexPress 2500, and that’ll get the job done just fine. But say you decide it’s time to print a hundred thousand copies of that same brochure. Now it’s time to go to the offset press.


Because of the industry’s advances in technology, making that switch is as easy—and consistent—as ever. Whereas in the past, scaling your project up from press A to the offset would’ve undoubtedly created a change in consistency, today you can rest assured knowing that the colors and quality from your offset run will look identical to that of the previous digital run of 250.


Furthermore, our online storefront allows us to access jobs that you already have stored there with the click of a mouse. With help from today’s tools, the overall process couldn’t be much easier, and feasible, for businesses of any size.


There are a variety of other benefits that come along with offset printing:

  • Economy of scale
  • Consistent product quality
  • Aqueous coating—which allows quick production and faster deliveries
  • Custom PMS color matches
  • Variety of substrates
  • Larger format projects


Whether you’re printing hundreds or thousands of pieces, the impact that digital printing and digital prepress have made on our industry allow your job to be more economic and relevant for your marketing campaign than ever before.


Most importantly of all, when you go with Tiger Printing Group, you’re ensuring that a highly trained and knowledgeable, and personable staff has its hands on your product. With the big box print shops, you never know who could be handling your job. Our employees know their clients on individual bases, and learn about, and cater to, their specific needs.


When it comes to printing, consistency is the name of the game. We take every measure possible to ensure a consistent product that will utterly impress your clientele. Get in touch today to learn more about utilizing the digital and offset presses at Tiger Printing Group.

Welcome to Our Blog + Exciting Product News!

With the launch of our brand new website (we hope you like it!) we’re also launching our new blog. We seek to make this a great new way for us to keep our customer base up-to-date on our latest news, offers and events, as well as to make our communication with our clientele even better. We definitely welcome any comments, ideas or questions you might have, so please contribute!


Without further ado, let’s move on to the actual news sections of this month’s post, especially since we consider it a pretty juicy piece of news. We can now officially announce that we have purchased the HP Latex 370 Printer, which represents state-of-the-art technology in commercial printing. And if you’re wondering why, we have some facts to throw your way…

Dec 2015 1

HP Latex Ink Is Brilliant

HP does extremely extensive testing on the light-fade resistance of their inks (the latex ink was tested under three different light conditions). Based on this, they estimate that their latex ink can withstand light-fade outdoors for up to three years without lamination and up to 5 years with lamination, while for indoors, in a window, the numbers are up to 5 years without lamination and up to 200 years with lamination. Think of it like this: Napoleon could’ve printed something using HP latex ink, put it on display indoors on a store window, and it would still look good today.


The third generation HP Latex inks also score either medium or high on resistance to damage caused by scratches, abrasion, water, window cleaners, ethanol and isopropyl alcohol. As water-based inks, they are odorless, which means they can be used in indoor spaces where solvent cannot be used (for example, healthcare facilities).


HP Latex 370 Printer Is Brilliant, Too

There are so many great, innovative features to this printer that you literally have to see the print results to believe it. It’s capable of printing up to 64 inch margins with an image quality that is consistently sharp, with high-efficiency curing, six colors and 1200 dpi. In addition to superior image quality that has a high resistance to light, scratches and other damage, the HP Latex 370 Printer is also an environmentally friendly option. The inks are UL ECOLOGO and UL GREENGUARD GOLD certified, the prints meet AgBB criteria and the printer uses 3-liter ink cartridges that mean less waste.


The HP Latex 370 Printer is also an incredibly fast machine that can print unattended and produces completely dry prints ready to be finished and delivered, meaning it’ll help us provide our customers high-quality prints even faster than before.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know!



Introducing the Kodak NexPress digital press

Tiger Printing Group is proud to announce the newest addition to our equipment line up: the Kodak NexPress digital press with Dimensional Raised Clear Ink Capabilities and inline coating capabilities. From affordable short-run printing to completely personalized on-demand jobs, the NexPress can handle it all with gorgeous color reproduction and unparalleled image quality. Click here to read more about digital printing with dimensional ink.

Forest Stewardship Council Certified

Tiger Printing Group is now an FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified printer (no. SCS-COC-002015). This is a huge step in the right direction to become an “greener” company. For information on the use of FSC-certified paper, see our “Go Green” page.

Our proofs and presses have been calibrated to match high quality Gracol guidelines. This provides our customers with the assurance that their work will always be printed to the top quality industry standards. Awards 2008 Silver ADDY Award Winner 2007 NEO Graphics Corrado and Sons Masonry Masterpiece Brochure Best of category award for Magazines (4 colors or more)

Visit our contact page to get in touch with a customer service representative

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