Bullseye Your Targets with EDDM + Tiger Printing

We all know that marketing is about delivering a message, and when you think about that phrase literally, who delivers more messages than the U.S. Postal Service? Of course, the answer is nobody. Now, you can reap the benefits of the Post Office’s unsurpassed access to the public eye with Every Door Direct Mail.

EDDM allows small businesses to reach local customers without having to purchase mail lists or mail house services. But what does a commercial printing company from Greater Philadelphia, PA have to do with the logistics of mailing marketing? Good question.

Simply put, The Post Office will help you put together a delivery campaign, and we’ll give those pieces the professional look they need to lock in conversions. Read on to learn more about what we mean:


Every Door Direct Mail is a program that the U.S. Postal Service offers to business owners, allowing them to hone in on who they’re targeting from a geographic standpoint. For less than the price of a stamp (per piece sent), the USPS will deliver your marketing materials to homes on mail routes of your choosing.

You can log onto their site, and look at an interactive map, which allows you to find and pick specific mail routes. Once you find one of interest, you can narrow in on the demographic details about the homes or businesses on that route, and from there, decide if you want to deliver your materials to those people.

Visit our site or the post office’s site to learn more.

Tiger Printing

So you have a great message and an effective means of delivering it, but there’s one more important consideration to make: the visuals. The fact of the matter is, there’s a lot of print marketing out there, and having a stake in the game is certainly effective, but it’s crucial that your visuals stick out and dominate over the rest of the noise.

That’s where employing the expertise of a quality printing solutions provider comes in. Here at Tiger, we use the industry’s most advanced equipment to make our clients’ messages look as good as the services they advertise.

Keep in mind, presses and large format printers are not one in the same. A piece of print marketing that is created via a desktop, big box store or local shipping store’s copier vs. one of our digital, offset or large format printing machines will prove an undeniable difference in quality. Not to mention, our printers combined with the other services, materials and add-ons we have to offer will equal your message sticking out and leaving a positive impression upon the eyes of its beholders. Touch base with us today to get squared away with a EDDM marketing campaign, powered by Tiger Printing Group.