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Expand and Market Your Business with Large-Format Marketing Prints

The saying, “You never have a second chance to make a first impression,” rings truest when a company is trying to expand its brand and market itself to consumers. Marketing is a task with which most businesses struggle because consumers’ needs, wants, and perspectives are always changing while their attention wanders. Unfortunately, this is the nature of the consumer, which means that businesses striving to make a successful “first touch” with their target consumers must grab the consumers’ attention faster and take hold of their attention longer than the competitors vying for their business. 

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Create An Incredible Brochure with These 5 Tips

When you design a brochure for your business, you need to make a big impression in a small space. The right brochure will be unique, eye-catching, and intriguing. It will make customers want to know more about your business.

Here are five helpful tips from Tiger Printing Group, a trusted provider of digital printing near Philadelphia, PA since 2002.

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Use Digital Printing to Create a Personalized Customer Experience

In the modern world, your business is competing with a thousand other organizations for your customers’ attention. To create an amazing customer experience, you need to learn more about the people who buy from your business and create personalized promotional items that will truly stand out.

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Tiger Printing Group Awarded Good Neighbor Award 2018

Back in February, Tiger Printing Group was awarded the Harleysville Community Fire Company Good Neighbor Award for 2018. John Orr and Craig Lindsay of Tiger Printing Group accepted this year’s award on behalf of the company. Every year, Harleysville awards one of their residents or companies that demonstrates a need to give back through volunteer or part-time firefighting.

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5 Considerations for Creating Standout Mail Pieces

When we at Tiger Printing Group think about impressive direct mail results, we tend to think about the list, the message, and the call to action. However, things like the size, shape and texture of the piece play a key role, too. Let’s look at five considerations for creating standout mail pieces.

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What Are The 5 Dimensions of Print?

At Tiger Printing Group, we understand that one of the great things about direct mail is the many ways it engages the senses. This is something that cannot be replicated in the digital world or with large format printing in Philadelphia, PA, and continues to make print an important piece of the marketing puzzle.

Here are five dimensions of print that you can use to engage and delight your audiences when you rely on the printing services of Tiger Printing Group.

  1. Texture. Paper stock comes in many textures — from sleek coated stocks; to classic cottons, linens, and laids to the raw, earthy feel of uncoated, unbleached stocks. Use texture to help tell your marketing story.
  1. Scent. Scent marketing is a growing industry that uses aroma as a subtle but highly effective marketing tool. Scents like coffee, cinnamon, and pine can be used to trigger emotion. When included inside the mailing envelope or direct mail piece, it can trigger positive associations and increase sales.
  1. Color. The use of color goes beyond ink on paper. Consider how colored envelopes and stocks can be used to make your message pop. Want to create a particularly dramatic effect? Consider the impact of white text and graphics on black stock. POW!
  1. Video. There are many ways to send recipients to video in a printed piece. You can use augmented reality (AR), QR Codes to mobile video, even embedded video screens in the piece itself. Print and video go great together.
  1. Dimension. Nothing stands out in the mailbox like a piece of dimensional mail. Whether it is a thick envelope, a beautifully printed box, or a pop-up cube, anything beyond the typical flat mailer draws immediate attention and shouts “OPEN ME!” Recipients can’t wait to see what’s inside.

Print isn’t just four-color ink on plain stock anymore. It offers a multi-sensory experience that excites and engages your audience. Which one of these sensory experiences would benefit your next marketing campaign?

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