How Tiger Printing Group’s Sustainable Practices Can Elevate Your Brand

Since 2002, Tiger Printing Group has been providing high-quality custom printing solutions to businesses throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. Here, we do it all: from stationary and signs to magazines and brochures, we have you covered. We know what it takes to stand out from the crowd, and we endeavor to help our clients do the same. As the market becomes more and more saturated, spreading awareness of your company only grows more important, and having distinct and professional promotional materials lifts your brand above the competition.

At Tiger Printing Group, we strive to improve our services every day. Whether a customer needs large format printing in Princeton, NJ or printing services in King of Prussia, PA, we serve only the best. This commitment to excellence comes through not only in our printing processes but also in our dedication to sustainability. To those ends, we have initiated the conversion to using Fuji processless plates, which offers several advantages.

Less chemicals

Typically, after a printing plate is set, it goes through a plate processor for treatment before going to press. With this new technology, we will skip the middle step altogether. In its treatment of the plate, the processor uses a certain amount of chemicals and energy, while also generating a small amount of waste. Without it, we can more easily reduce our carbon footprint.

Conserves water

Using water responsibly is paramount to any company seeking to be more environmentally friendly. With this new printing method, we will need less water. On top of that, the water we do need will be used more efficiently.

Increases productivity and quality

This technology, in addition to being more sustainable, also ensures consistently high-caliber product. Streamlining the operation increases the productivity, as well as reducing the need for maintenance.

Our dedication to green company practices does not stop there. We are also in the process of converting all of our lighting on site to LED. These lights use energy much more efficiently than traditional lighting and contain no toxic chemicals. Fluorescent options, for example, often contain mercury, which contaminates the environment. Their increased lifespan also means a lower carbon footprint.

To learn more about our dedication to sustainability, printing services in Lansdale, PA, or other ways our company can help elevate your brand, call us at 215-799-0500.

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