Create An Incredible Brochure with These 5 Tips

When you design a brochure for your business, you need to make a big impression in a small space. The right brochure will be unique, eye-catching, and intriguing. It will make customers want to know more about your business.

Here are five helpful tips from Tiger Printing Group, a trusted provider of digital printing near Philadelphia, PA since 2002.

Know Your Audience

Everything about your brochure — from the overall style to the text and photos — should be chosen with your customer in mind. Emphasize how your business will make their lives better, and answer any questions that your customers commonly ask you. This will set their minds at ease and help you build trust.

Engage the Senses

No, a scratch-and-sniff brochure probably isn’t the best idea for your business, but don’t just focus on visuals, either. Touch is an essential element of any brochure. Textural elements can range from a smooth, glossy paper to a more substantial material. You can also experiment with unique fold patterns that go beyond bi-folds and tri-folds.

Consider Where Your Brochure Is Going

Is your brochure going to be mailed out to customers? Shared at trade shows or events? Displayed among several other pamphlets? The answer to this question will impact several different choices such as the size, fold, and style of your business brochure.

Don’t Overdesign

The number one skill you need to make a great brochure is the ability to edit. Too much information, too many different fonts, and too many colors will confuse your customers. Don’t be afraid of blank space, and remember to draw visual inspiration from your business’s existing materials.

Give Your Customers a Clear Next Step

A potential customer has read your brochure from front to back. Great. What’s next? Identify a clear next-step that your customers should take: buy this product, visit our website, check out our social media, etc. Remember to stay focused on one clear goal. Too many options will lead to paralysis, not action.

Are You Ready to Craft a Great Brochure?

Once you have designed a brochure, you need a digital printing company near Lansdale, PA that will turn it from an image on your computer screen to a beautiful product. To find out more about how we can help you create an amazing brochure, call Tiger Printing Group at 215-799-0500.