4 Tips to Help You Create a Fantastic Business Newsletter

The number one way to grow your business is to develop a relationship with your customers. Don’t rely on one or two brief interactions to keep them coming back! Instead, cultivate a positive connection with a regular newsletter.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most impact with your business’s newsletter:

Make It Harder for Customers to “Delete” Your Newsletter

The more time someone spends with your marketing materials, the more likely they are to buy something from your company in the future. That’s why we recommend that businesses print their newsletters instead of sending them out in an email. With a tangible item, there are no online distractions, the object can’t be deleted with a click, and customers are much more likely to read what’s on the page.

Set the Right Tone

What is the goal of this newsletter? When you can answer that question, you can determine the type of content that should fill its page.

  • To show that your business is an expert in its field, share industry news and helpful tips.
  • To create an individual connection with the reader, share stories from your business.
  • To promote your products, share discounts, deals, and coupons.

Remember to choose a consistent writing style that best represents your business and connects with your reader. For example, if your business mainly sells products to teenagers, your newsletter will need a very different voice than an organization that primarily works with the elderly.

Timing Is Everything

Your customers shouldn’t find a brand-new newsletter in their mailbox every morning, but you also don’t want them to get one after six months — when they’ve completely forgotten your business exists. The sweet spot for sending out your newsletter is usually once every one to four weeks, though the ideal timing may vary between industries.

Choose the Right Materials

Don’t just think about what’s on the page of your newsletter. Think about the page itself.

  • Is it pleasant to touch?
  • Is it flimsy or sturdy?
  • Is it a unique shape or size?

An experienced commercial printing company near Philadelphia, PA can help you determine the right stylistic choices to best appeal to your customers.

If you are interested in newsletter printing services near Lansdale, PA, call Tiger Printing Group at 215-799-0500 or contact us online.