Use Digital Printing to Create a Personalized Customer Experience

In the modern world, your business is competing with a thousand other organizations for your customers’ attention. To create an amazing customer experience, you need to learn more about the people who buy from your business and create personalized promotional items that will truly stand out.

At Tiger Printing Group, we don’t only offer traditional offset printing in Warminster, PA. We also provide digital printing, which does more than churn out a thousand identical copies. With digital printing, your paper materials can be just as unique as the people who receive them. This technique requires no minimum number of prints, costs less than offset printing, and makes customization simple.

Consider a few ways that your business can offer a personalized experience with digital printing:

Call Your Customers By Their Name

Since childhood, we have been taught to respond to our name. A name uniquely identifies us and shows that someone is reaching out to us as an individual. When a customer sees their name on a letter or a flier, it immediately catches their eye.

Spark a Memory with the Right Image

Have you ever clicked on a product online and then had its ad “follow” you from site to site? Try a similar approach with print advertising. For instance, when a car dealership invites a customer back to their location, they might include a photo of the gorgeous vehicle that they took for a spin.

Location, Location, Location

We all know that audiences in different countries require different marketing approaches. But what about smaller geographic regions? For example, a business might want to tweak their materials depending on whether they are targeted toward customers in the city or the surrounding countryside.

Curate Product Recommendations

When you send customers a set of coupons in the mail or introduce them to a new aspect of your brand with a brochure, consider tweaking the featured products based on what they’ve purchased in the past.

Ready, Set, Print!

The next time you create a beautifully-designed item that your customers can hold in their hands, think about how you can give it a personal touch with digital printing.

The Tiger Printing Group team will help you create customized materials for your business with digital printing. We also offer stunning large format printing near Princeton, NJ that will appeal to customers. If you are interested in our printing services, we encourage you to call 215-799-0500.