Easy Steps to Speed Up Your Next Print Project

Beginning a new printing project can be a daunting task. With so many formats, designs, and processes, it is no wonder that many projects end up not meeting your business’s expectations. It is essential to have defined objectives and parameters before starting the next print campaign for your company. At Tiger Printing Group, our primary goal is to assist you and your business with the many options that are available when beginning a new marketing initiative. Our digital print center is founded on a customer-driven approach so that our company will guide you through the process. Keep reading to learn more about our easy steps for speeding up your next print project!

Communicate Your Goals with Your Printer

It is important to clearly communicate intended goals with your printer prior to beginning the printing process. At Tiger Printing Group, our team will always take the time to thoroughly explain the options available to your business before starting your marketing campaign. You should also make sure to state your expectations with your printer and listen to any suggestions they may offer. Remember, your printer has more experience than your business when it comes to providing the resources you need for a successful print initiative. Whether it is a direct mail campaign or sales and marketing brochures, you and your printer should discuss the options and formulate a plan for success.

The Importance of Asking Questions

We believe that the only wrong question is the one you do not ask.   Clearly Communicating with your printing company representative, asking the right questions during the planning process will foster a better outcome. Be certain to ask questions about your design, such as “Are my design plans feasible?” And; “What is the time frame for completion of the project?” By asking the right questions from the onset, you will eliminate potential delays in receiving your materials or not getting the desired results. 

Gather All Important Materials Before Beginning Your Project

Remember to send your files in print-ready format so that your printer can more easily start and complete the project. Make sure once you have finished your design the next step is to prepare for you files for production.  Make sure bleeds are in the file, color pallets are cleaned up, images are in the correct mode CMYK vs.  RGB.  Many of the latest design programs have tools to assist you with the task of preparing your file for submission to your printer. Helping you collect the fonts and image links that the printer needs to prepare your project.  The better you prepare the files, the more successful they will be in completing your project correctly and on-time.

Avoid Changes After the Fact

Avoid changes late in the process because it can be costly in time and money. Proofreading is essential and the proper preparation of print ready files before supplying them to your printer will save you time, money, and will result in a desirable outcome.   

Preparation Tips For Starting A Successful Printing Project

Upgrade Your Marketing with Tiger Printing Group!

As a premier commercial printing company in the Philadelphia, PA, area, Tiger Printing Group provides an extensive line of services to assist your business with its marketing campaigns. Our team will assist you in the design process to achieve your desired results.  Whether it is paper suggestions, samples, or a mockup we are here to help.  With years of experience, Tiger Printing Group can provide your company with the necessary tools and information to implement a successful sales campaign. By using Tiger Printing Group, you will be able to concentrate on your business rather than the printing process. Our staff will go to great lengths to ensure your marketing initiatives are error free and printed in an efficient and timely manner. For more detailed information about the benefits of using Tiger Printing Group for your printed sales campaigns, contact us today!