Going Back to Work? Raise COVID-19 Awareness with These Workplace Signs

With the latest reopening processes unfolding, it’s time for businesses to get back into the office and work as efficiently as possible. However, safety should be every company’s top priority during these unprecedented times. Luckily, Tiger Printing Group remains operating as a commercial printing company in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas and can get you the perfect workplace signs for precisely this purpose. Informing and reminding employees and customers alike to keep up with the cleanliness and social distancing is an art form in itself. Because of this, today, we’re going to inform you how we can make safety happen and provide a few general do’s and don’ts on content within your signage.

Social Distancing in the Workplace

It’s critical to the reopening process that social distancing is allowed and encouraged within the workplace, so getting the correct signage to emphasize these points is just as important. While everyone may know that social distancing is recommended, enforcing it is an entirely different ball game. To make sure every employee feels safe and comfortable returning to the office, having signs that balance affirmative tones with that of welcoming calmness can go miles in the effort of employee morale.

Masks & Rules Involving Them

Much like social distancing, wearing masks in and around the workplace is less of an obvious move than many might assume. Regardless of the level of strictness you wish to enforce with masks in the office, it is essential to post signs near the entrance to alert both employees and customers to what the policies are. For mandatory mask-wearing, having a more commanding tone is tempting, but ensuring that it doesn’t make people uncomfortable or unwelcome is just as important to think about when creating the signage. You can trust Tiger Printing Group to strike that perfect balance when it comes to the perceived tone of signage.

Sanitation Reminders

Placing sanitation reminders where applicable is a significant extra step to ensuring safety and comfort within the workplace. This includes everything from washing your hands often to wiping down workspaces before and after shifts. Keeping the workplace clean is a crucial part of keeping everyone healthy, so showing that you are encouraging and providing access to these various sanitation services will work wonders for everyone involved. Ensuring the signs are in proper places, such as in the bathroom for hand washing or by the elevator to leave for cleaning desks, will push these gentle reminders and notices to a whole extra level of effectiveness.

Effective Communication With Tiger Printing Group

As we’ve mentioned briefly in the previous specific examples, ensuring the message is clear and compelling is just as important as having a message present at all. With our years of expertise, we’ve decided upon five things to do or not to do in order to make your investment in COVID-19 safety signs worthwhile.



At Tiger Printing Group, we work endlessly to provide businesses with the best printing services. Our work as a digital commercial printing company serving Philadelphia and the surrounding areas never ends, and we have been working to create the best messaging and useful print materials possible for any business upon reopening their offices. Contact us now if you would like further information on what we can provide your company!