Why Direct Mail is Still an Effective Marketing Tool in the Digital Age

When you’re deciding how to budget your advertising dollars, there are a lot of important factors to take into consideration. One of them is, what type of marketing tools will you use to boost sales? 

By now, all companies have either successfully made the transition into digital advertising or are no longer around. It’s as simple as that. The Digital Age is here and it’s expanding by the day. Although online advertising is a must nowadays, that doesn’t mean traditional means of promotion should be ignored. In fact, as one of the leading commercial printing companies servicing Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, we’re here to tell you that direct mail is still one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience in the Digital Age. 

It’s Personal

Few things come close to feeling the rush of excitement when you open your mailbox to find physical mail (that’s not bills) waiting for you. This relates back to the personal connection we touched on earlier. Consumers want to feel special — like they’re one of a kind. Finding a letter or postcard addressed specifically to them is thrilling and makes them feel cared for. The real challenge is making sure your direct mail marketing piece doesn’t end up in the garbage after the initial feeling of excitement wears off. That’s where your sales and design skills really come in handy. You want to create a print ad that is personalized and enticing enough to not just capture your audience’s attention, but also keep it and promote action. How do you do that? Take a look below. 

It’s Secure

The Digital Age is rapid, efficient, long-reaching, and immersive — all great qualities that help businesses connect to consumers on unimaginable levels. However, there is still the overarching issue of privacy concerns. With phishing scams becoming more and more common, consumers have become increasingly wary of promotional emails, oftentimes just sending them to spam without bothering to read what’s inside first. 

In comparison, the same people are much more trusting of direct mail. Being able to feel something with almost all of your senses forms a deeper connection with consumers. In fact, numerous studies done in the neuromarketing field show that physical objects have a direct and positive correlation on the ability to recall information. 

It’s Hard to Ignore

How many companies do you know that use digital newsletters as a promotional tool? Probably all of them, right? As the Digital Age expands, more companies abandon traditional marketing methods in favor of online marketing tools. As a result, consumers are bombarded with online ads every step of the way. Of course, this is not to say that digital marketing isn’t effective. On the contrary; targeted campaigns produce astounding results. What we’re trying to say is that your digital newsletter or promotional email might get lost in the clutter. Most people simply click the “Select All” button and send everything to the trash when they’re decluttering their inbox. Thus, you will be at an advantage by using direct mail. It’s like the saying goes, “Don’t put all your eggs (or mail, as the case may be) in one basket.”

By using direct mail, you’re diversifying your marketing efforts. Not only are you taking advantage of a promotional device that’s mostly free of clutter, but you’re also giving consumers something that they physically cannot ignore as they shuffle through all of their mail. Even if they’re not interested in what you’re selling right now, you have built brand awareness by getting something physical and memorable in front of them. Basically, direct mail is hard to ignore. 

We hope this article has given you a little bit more insight into the value of direct mail. When you’re ready to print and mail your new direct mail ads, don’t hesitate to contact us for all of your marketing material needs in PA!