How Promotional Calendars Can Boost Your Sales

Every day for a year or more, your promotional calendars can have the attention of your favorite customers and prospects. They’ll provide pleasing images, a visual place to track events, and easy access to your firm’s information. 

Some people keep promotional calendars around long after their intended lifespan because they enjoy the pictures or slogans that they bear. If you’re providing social media updates and interactions, your calendar also encourages people to keep up with social media or get in touch via traditional methods or email without having to look you up.

Quality Calendars Open Customer Doors for You

Promotional calendars bring new sales opportunities in a wide range of ways, ensuring effective contact. You can print your calendar in desk, pocket, or wall format and allow customers to choose what they like best. This ensures they get the most use out of your calendar.

Carrying Monthly Messages and Deals

Make your calendar more enticing by including helpful or unusual information, time-limited offers, and other reasons to turn the page. Many firms express their business philosophy, and it’s a great way to provide tips for clients of service businesses such as auto mechanics or IT service firms. Depending on your business, you can also provide coupons, seasonal specials, or other monthly incentives for customers to reach out to you.

Easy Access to Your App

A simple “QR” code on your calendar gives smartphone users direct access to your company’s app for access to online products or services. Our advanced digital printing service provides the flexibility you need to present your message in many formats.

Gifts Inspire Relationships

Presented as a gift in a personal way, your calendar represents your interest in a business relationship you hope will be reciprocated. In an age where so much is transient and online, people appreciate tangible gifts like this.


There are many prepared calendar options that are customizable and can be selected to send a personal message at a price that makes it easy to reach out.

Ready to create a custom promotional calendar? Contact us at Tiger Printing Group for commercial printing services, including great calendars that will serve you well.